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Lake Shore Slow Proposal


Shoreslow ® ️ has accumulated numerous achievements in the saltwater game scene. The game style that allows you to aim for a variety of fish species beyond the boundaries of the target will finally demonstrate its abilities even in the fresh water scene. With the lake as the main field, the target is from large trout to bass, aiming at various targets like the salt game. The possibilities and surprises that can be seen by testing throughout the season are profound. "Show and eat" Please experience the charm of Shore Slow in a new field.

Introducing a special color for Lake Shore Slow

A slobe rat cast long lake shore throw model with a slim silhouette that provides a great response to rod work. We have carefully selected colors that are effective for trout and bass, including smelt, which is the main bait on the lake. Including the non-reflective color that is effective in the field attacked by many anglers, the large trout also includes the proven glow system. We cover a wide range of scenes with a lineup from shallow range compatible weights at the beginning of the season to 20g that can directly hit the target whose range has been lowered during the high water temperature period.


Z light metal

Uses Z light metal, a new material with a small specific gravity. The combination of the long-scale form and the characteristics of the material with low specific gravity realizes a very quick rise against the recoil of the tip and the accompanying gliding.

Center balance

A long body balanced near the center that produces the greatest response and large slide action in the series.

Dedicated hook is standard equipment

On the shore throw, there are two bite chances, reeling and falling. Therefore, two hooks on the front and tail are essential. The Freund is equipped with a twin assist hook.

Dedicated hook is standard equipment

Equipped with an original single hook on the tail

SCLL-10 10g 73mm
SCLL-15 15g 83mm
SCLL-20 20g 92mm