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Yo-Zuri’s Mini Squid Jig series features a strikingly brilliant Holographic Internal Prism Finish. Each Mini Squid Jig contains “Glow-in-the-Dark” belly accents for added brightness, even in the murkiest waters. The Mini Squid Jig can be fished individually or in tandem. The most effective method for fishing the floating Mini Squid Jigs is in tandem (1-4 baits) with a lead sinker, similar to a “sabiki-style” rig. This method allows the baits to be fished at all levels of the water column.

Perfectly balanced for precise lifelike swimming action
Swivel line tie for effortless lifelike movement
Super sharp hooks
Lifelike eyes
High-quality Japanese construction
Internal glow-in-the-dark insert
Tough and Durable ABS Resin