YGK Seki Knotter II

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It is a bobbin holder that can handle all root wraps, from creating assist hooks or use for PR knot. The main material adopts POM resin which is used for automobile parts · gears etc and has excellent sliding property, impact resistance and durability, minimizes damage to our seki thread by cutting cutting and polishing technology.

● Please use the attached bobbins around the bobbin threads, threads, neck threads, etc. that do not slip on the bobbin.
Loosen the screw, remove it, moderate the lower part of the main body arm, remove the bobbin and do it.
In that case, please note that the blue sleeve attached to both sides of the bobbins falls off.

● Tension adjustment should not be wrapped around the arm, only with the tension screw on both sides of the supplied bobbins.
● When minimum adjustment of the tension is necessary, paste the included ring seal on the bobbin side knurled portion and adjust it.

● Unit weight: regular 18g / heavy 32g