Yamashita EGI OH Live

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A light dart model that anyone can easily produce a sharp dart. 


Uses "tin", a material with low environmental impact.

Aiming for a sharper dart, Yamashita reviewed the material and shape from scratch. And this "Blade Sinker" was born by repeating trials and errors. It further enhances the dart performance of the predecessor "Egi King Q LIVE", cuts water like a sharpened knife, and brings Egi to life. A guide hole for weight tune is provided on the side of the sinker, and advanced users can also set their own weight.


Quick dart


Succeeded in suppressing the movement forward by "33%" while keeping the wide dart of the previous LIVE.
Not only is it difficult to pass the point, but you can also show the squid that has been tracking and hold it firmly.
If you cast 50m, you can act 150 times for "Egiou Q LIVE" and 200 times for "Egiou LIVE", and you can act 50 times more in one cast.

Low center of gravity design

By lowering the center of gravity compared to the conventional LIVE, the exercise performance is improved and the flight attitude during dirt and casting is stable.


The eye-catching cup of "490 GLOW", which is a luminescent color that makes it easy to see squid, invites squid at one point.



size weight Sinking speed
No. 2 6.5g About 5.5 seconds
No. 2.5 10g About 5.5 seconds
No. 3 15g About 3.5 seconds
No. 3.5 21g About 3 seconds