Vanfook Blade Work System Parts

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Durable & Easy-to-Handle Blade System
Blade game-compatible hook [Blade Works BG Single] is adopted.

High-strength, directional, custom-made split ring with PTFE coated.

The blade hole is set larger to prevent the wire section of the ring from snagging, ensuring a robust and trouble-free feel.


Size Color Qty / Pack
#1 Silver 2
#1/0 Silver 2
#2/0 Silver 2
#1 Gold 2
#1/0 Gold 2
#2/0 Gold 2




High-Strength Single Hook for Blade Game

The large-diameter eye can be set on a thick-shaft split ring.

Strongly flatted to minimize power loss due to hook deflection.

Synergistic effect with a wide gape and long point design: The wide and long point design makes it easy to hook and hard to miss.

#3/0 Fusso Black (PTFE) 6