Slash Smooth Liner Jig

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The "Smooth Liner" jig for shore jigs has a strong appeal just by wrapping it around the bottom!

Good casting distance to your desired spot!

The super rear center of gravity is a masterpiece of flight distance!

The biggest feature of "Smooth Liner" is the super rear center of gravity body.

By solidifying the center of gravity this much, an overwhelming flight distance is realized.

user friendly!

In addition, the lower center of gravity suppresses the floating of swimming, so it is possible to work near the bottom of the seabed.

The action of "Smooth Liner" when swimming is a jerky action that shakes the rear (buttock side).

Furthermore, the dimples on the side of the body firmly push it as water, so it has a considerable appeal.

By the way, the appeal is extremely high, so no small work is required! You don't need to wind it fast, just wind it at your own comfortable speed and it will maximize your ability to collect fish.

With a hook that you can buy and use immediately

The "Smooth Liner" is equipped with hooks with the best settings in advance, so you can use it immediately after taking it out of the package.

By the way, the hook is a single hook with tinsel on the front and a triple hook on the rear.

Of course, you can change the hook according to your preference and situation.

Lineup of 3 weights

The "Smooth Liner" weight lineup consists of three models, 30g, 40g, and 60g, which are frequently used for shore jigging.

In the normal color, the holo is asymmetrical on the left and right, and the blinking effect is outstanding.

The bait fish-like real color can be expected to have a feeding effect.