Slash Quarted First Rod

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The "First" series, which is a basic item that will be the "core" of the quartered series.
An entry model that holds the basics in the "Quarted" series, which is a fusion of four high dimensions of sensitivity, operability, castability, and torque.
By injecting the know-how cultivated over many years in the quartered series, it has become a series that goes beyond the entry model.
This ROD will be a model that gives anglers their first memorial fish. MADE IN KOREA


  • QF-S612UL<Finesse game model>

A finesse model that demonstrates its power under tough control. A finesse model that focuses on DS, cats, and no sinkers, and is particular about the operability of the rig in action, making it easy to rework.

  • QF-S642L<Light rig all-rounder model>

Light rig versatile model that supports from small hard plugs to light rigs. Jighead Wacky swimming, cat rig, etc. When fishing from the land, the first one you want to have

  • QF-S6102ML<Landmass Versatile Model>

A model that is good at long casts of small hard plugs and light rigs. A versatile model that has the power to take advantage of long-distance throwing power to catch big bass, and also considers the use of PE lines.

  • QF-C662M<Langan Basic Model>

Versatile ROD that is excellent for use in fast-moving, TOP, vibration, etc. for fishing on land, and is compatible with a wide range of rigs from Light Texas to Heavy Dan.

  • QF-C6102MH<Long cast versatile model>

A ranker killer model that also supports long versatile ROD, chatter, scone, Texas jig, swim jig, crank, etc. that take advantage of long cast performance. , One that is also active around the cover.

  • QF-C702H<Power Versatile Model>

Power Versatile ROD that handles BIG bait, swimbait, crank, spinnerbait up to 2oz, and snake caro. Float the BIG bus with the torque after hanging it while being mild.

  • Guide UseALL-Arconite K Guide