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In recent years, the number of "playing actions" is increasing in all light games, but in rockfish ROD,
"Inasu ROD" is indispensable for a solid torque feeling and a regular size to shaku rockfish size first run.
SLASH aimed for a "soft" ROD that bends with torque while having a thick and thick feeling.
I want you to experience the ROD that "softly controls stiffness".

TIP concept

Set solid TIP and tubular TIP for each action. The solid TIP model is characterized by bending with a sense of torque. Tubular TIP is designed to make it easy to cast plugging and jigs and difficult to play. The two short models are threaded with a focus on visibility.

Blank concept

The W concept of Helical X and Helical Core Carbon has been further designed to be thicker and thicker, and finished in a "soft and rigid" blank that maximizes torque while being supple. Float the fish while eating it.

Grip concept

Because it is a model that combines delicate fishing and sticky fishing, the grip shape and seat position are the best discerning design according to each.
672 and 762 with shapes that are easy to blank touch. 832 model that holds firmly.


Product name Characteristic

<Bay area solid versatile>

A model that demonstrates its power in the field centered on the bay area. Uses a high-sensitivity solid tip that allows you to use the length that is easy to handle and the jig alone without stress.
Bring a momentary bite to hooking at a fishing port, breakwater, etc. Confident in torque while being slim.
Helical core + helical X carbon concept


<Plugging Versatile>

tubular model that allows you to freely use minnows and pencils without stress.
With a wide lure weight, versatile specifications that can be used in various situations.
When the wind is strong, I want you to aggressively attack with a jig.
Helical core + helical X carbon concept


<Power Versatile Model (Microshore Jigging)>

A power model that stands out in the lead vision. From light game targets in the shaku class to heavy-weight powers such as black sea bream and sea bass, this is a torque-key, heavy-duty ROD.
A versatile design that can also be used for micro shore jigging.
Helical core + helical X carbon concept