Slash FULL SAIL Thief Rod

Slash FULL SAIL Thief Rod

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ROD is designed with the concept of "ROD that makes offshore fishing fun".
Specs that can be used for BIG ONE while being the main specifications for inshore jigging.

FT-S631<All-round SLJ model>

SLJ specifications with carbon full solid. high-dimensional fusion of the follow-up unique to full solid and the stickiness of helical X carbon. As an all-round SLJ-ROD, it has a wide range of jig weights and can capture root fish, red sea bream, red sea bream, small amberjack, etc.

FT-S692<SLJ fall model>

Full sled fall specifications in SLJ. The follow-up unique to Full Soli and the tenacity of Helical X is fused at a high level.
Designed with a length and blank power with a view to deploying fall mains in shallow DoTERRA sinks, you can aim for a wide range of targets with a wider jig weight. 

FT-S643<Near sea-Bay jigging model>

model that can mainly operate jigs of 60g to 160g in the near sea-Bay jigging.
Although it is a standard action, the jig is easy to operate and it is easy to produce a natural action. Helical X / Helical Core Carbon's torquey blanks will be an advantage for anglers.

FT-S624<All-rounder model>

spinning model that allows you to comfortably operate 80-200g jigs.
A torquey blank design that has good jig operability and can lift large blue-water fish. Easy to handle, the first one is a recommended must-have item.

FT-B642<Bay area sword jig model>

50g-180g in the bay area is the best match action for sword jigs based on one pitch jerk. In addition, it is a specification that can be used when slow action is effective in the near sea to the bay area.
Supports unexpected BIG-ONE with sticky blanks of W helical carbon.

FT-B633<Inshore multi-slow model>

Standard model compatible with inshore slow pitch jerk.
For slow, JIGMAX is designed based on up to 250g. For normal jigging, you
can take action with a good response based on 60g to 120g.
Multi-slow blanks that can cover a wide range from Bottom fish to mid-size Amberjack.

FT-B634<Versatile model>

A model with a little power, targeting up to MAX 300g for slow models.
model that supports a wide range of slow jerks such as one pitch to short pitch, and is easy to take action based on 80g to 140g in normal jigging.
It features versatile blanks that are widely used from red sea bream to blue sea bream.

FT-S615<Inshore blue-runner torque model>
A torque model that uses jigs based on 140g to 300g and is compatible with 10kg-class inshore blue-runners. It is designed to "bend" in order to be able to operate a heavy jig and reduce the angler's burden. The blanks use helical core helical X carbon to float the fish while suppressing the power of the fish.

FT-B615<Inshore blue-runner multi-power model>
Compatible with jigs of 140g to 350g.
A multi-action that can handle heavy jigs firmly, and a short design that is easy to handle. We want you to enjoy the real thrill of catching BIG ONE with a model that is straight and compatible with the Buri tribe.

FT-S73ML-CT<Bay area casting game model>
Bay area casting model centered on sea bass, small to medium-sized yellowtail class, and bonito. Blanks with sufficient tenacity that can handle unexpected BIG sizes such as Spanish mackerel also have high versatility.
FT-S78M-CT<Inshore blue fish casting game model>
A model that targets inshore blue fish casting in the Sea of ​​Japan and the Pacific Ocean.
Designed with length, cast feel, ease of action, and power in mind.
A ROD that can be used all-round, such as plug casting and jig casting, and you can enjoy casting against Buri Class.