Slash 2WAY storage BAGⅡ SL-214

Slash 2WAY storage BAGⅡ SL-214

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2WAY storage BAG Ⅱ that has been stylishly "brushed up".
BAG that emphasizes practicality and is the best match for active fishing without being too big. An item that uses a durable coating material and is particular about its texture. Optional parts can be added to the front hook-and-loop fastener (velcro part).


Side image

With pliers holder and large D ring. A fish grip etc. can be attached to the D ring part.
* Pliers and fish grips are sold separately.

Installation example

2WAY can be used as a shoulder and a leg holder.

Capacity image

It is possible to put two VS-3010NDM series etc.

* Case is sold separately

Storage example

Two tough cases W210 series can be stored * Case is sold separately