SHIMANO Fighting Gimbal Belt BE-200V

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A gimbal packed with the preferences of offshore anglers.

A must-have item for competing with big fish such as tuna, GT, amberjack, and amberjack. For the fighting gimbal, we have thoroughly investigated each element required in actual combat. Adopts a shape that makes it easy to pull the grip end of the rod into the cup, allowing for a smooth transition from a tense armpit fight. The cup part has a shape that matches the sliding movement of the grip end, eliminating any discomfort. It also has a belt adjustment function that allows you to easily adjust it to the angler's body shape. The back pad that supports long fights is removable and compatible with light styles. The front part of the belt uses a light pad to prevent it from digging into the abdomen, reducing damage to the body. The synergistic effect of the main body shape and soft pad ensures a secure fit to your thighs during a fight, allowing you to maintain a stable fighting posture.

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By removing the waist pad, you can also use it in a light style.

Belt compatible size: 74-115cm