Shimano arm cover

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Highly elastic and comfortable to wear

Renewed with improved texture and stretchability of the sun protection fabric. Comfortable wearing feeling that fits the arm as a whole by improving the elongation. Adopted a new material that is comfortable to wear and is non-slip.


Absorbs water and dries quickly

Quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture for a comfortable fit

This product uses a fabric that quickly absorbs and releases moisture when the product gets wet or sweats. This function keeps the skin dry and provides smooth comfort.


Fits snugly to your body without restricting movement

It is a product using fabric with stretch and elasticity. It has an excellent texture and does not interfere with the movement of the arms, legs, and joints, so it is less likely to cause stress. In addition to the comfortable fit that fits the body line, it is also convenient to take off easily.

Sun protection UPF50+

50 times more UV shielding effect than bare skin!

It is a product that has cleared UPF50+, which is the highest value with a cut rate of 95% or more in the world standard for UV cut performance. If you wear it, you can delay the time of being affected by UV rays by more than 50 times compared to bare skin.

Soft and stretchy fabric

The newly adopted anti-slip sheet emphasizes comfort

■ The entire body fits comfortably on the arm due to its stretchiness.