Shimano 21 Grappler BB rod

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A ‘global’ rod catering to the whole world. The Grappler BB is a rod you can bring across the whole world.

With high-cost performance, the Hi-Power X blanks eliminate any discomfort resulting from high twisting loads. This is crucial in offshore games as both power and response are improved, even when applying aggressive jigging styles or fighting larger species.

Since the Grappler BB is a global rod, Shimano wanted to make it as convenient to carry around as possible being 2-piece rods, with a bend profile almost similar to 1-piece rods. Whether it’s speed and power for jigging, versatility in in-shore games, or the charming slow jigging which uses slow and fall actions, there is without a doubt a model for you in the Grappler BB lineup.

Available in

J (Jigging Model)

SJ (Slow Jig Model)

LJ (Light Jig Model)