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A specialized rod for Rock fishing

Rock fishing has been popular for the couple of years but the style is different depending on the species or location. Lurk shooter covers a wide rage of style with its sensitive tip and powerful X-Carbonology butt combination. Fuji small guides are installed to be light and feel better as much as possible.


Model No. Length Piece Power Lure Line Rod Wt.
LSGC-71ML + [ALLROUNDER] 7ft.1inc. Two ML Plus 8-23g 8-16lb 125g
LSGC-64M + [BOAT GAME SP.] 6ft.4inc. Two M Plus 10-30g 10-22lb 120g
LSGC-72M + (SWIMMNG.SP.) 7ft.2inc. Two M Plus 10-30g 10-22lb 134g
LSGC-710MH + [BANK FISHER] 7ft.10inc. Two MH Plus 12-35g 10-24lb 159g
LSGS-610ML + (BOAT GAME SP.) 6ft.10inc. Two ML Plus 6-20g 6-16lb 102g
LSGS-74M + [ALLROUNDER] 7ft.4inc. Two M Plus 8-25g 8-20lb 115g
LSGS-88MH + (SWIMMNG.SP.) 8ft.8inc. Two MH Plus 10-30g 10-22lb 137g
LSGS-711H + (BANK FISHER) 7ft.11inc. Two H Plus 14-42g 12-30lb 132g