Palms Bit Arts Bit Arts Floating Degree

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The advantage of the floating model in the light salt game is its high response. A game that invites the surface to the subsurface with agile action is a trump card for such a target that it does not reach the top, but it is threaded enough to see through. Of course, the response is also effective in the steady retrieve. Floating minnows that realize more bait-like action expand the field of activity in many scenes.

Small lip with no angle

Designed to compensate for the negative distance performance due to its lightweight with a smaller lip and angle. Since it does not sacrifice not only strength but also response performance, it quickly rises from landing and shows a pleasant reaction to rod work.


The belly hook is equipped with an "ANTI HOOK OUT SYSTEM" that reduces the burr that occurs during the fighting. Make sure to bring the hooked game fish to the landing.

FDG-55F 55mm 3.3g Floating 8 colors Hook Size: # 12