Meiho Lure game case J

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A joint series ideal for storing jigs and worms used in lure games. The inside of the lid uses a worm slip process that prevents worms from sticking to it, making it ideal for storing worms used for aging. Furthermore, it is just the size for lightweight jigs used in SLJ and jigs with tungsten around 50g. The tie mule gimmick, skirt, and tie are not entangled and easy to take out, so it is useful regardless of shore or offshore.

Two systems can be stored in the upper plate of BM-5000, VS-7080 / 7080N, VS-7070 / 7070N, VS-7055 / 7055N.

175 x 105 x 18 mm
Body: Polypropylene
HG, 6 variable dividers included