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Mazzy Popper

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A Mazzy popper born as a versatile topwater plug that handles a wide range of fishing and pin spot capture. Thorough pursuit of body balance, from popping, slow to fast retrieve, regardless of the skill of the angler, we support it easily and at a high level.

The wide lip, which is unprecedented in the popper, firmly grasps the water, the movement distance is short when popping, the movement starts quickly due to the synergistic effect with the rear fixed center of gravity, and the pin is under the overhang, at the edge of the reed, at the steep shore of the reservoir, etc.

You can produce a variety of actions even in scenes where you want to look long in the spot. However, when winding, it is a flashy wobbling action with a strong roll, and you can freely produce water depth and ripples (pulling waves) by adjusting the rod work and speed during retrieval.

When the twitch is entwined, the feather of the rear hook moves softly, and the knocking action is repeated with a short movement distance.  

In addition, the large snap attached to the line eye, along with the front hook eye deeply embedded in the body, has the role of preventing the hook from picking up the line when using it like a popper or when just entwining the twitch with the winding. Therefore, it is best to use it as it is.

The best compatible tackle is a medium-class bait tackle with a first taper and a nylon line of 10 to 14 lb.

Mazzy Popper MP-55: 55mm / 9.5g