Maria RERISE SS130 (Slow Sinking)

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RERISE SS130 (Slow Sinking)

"SASOI-AGE" is the fishing method used to search deep water locations that are unable to be traced with the "RERISE" series.


The new method "SASOI-AGE"

This new method that Maria suggesting can catch low activity migratory fish, that can not be attracted by metal jigs.


Additional spec "Slow Sinking type" : 55g

※Searchable range ・・・10 ~ 20 m
※Sinking speed・・・Approx. 1.5 sec / m

You can choose Normal sinking type "RERISE S130" or "RERISE SS130" depending on the situation.
Slow sinking type can serach more slowly, at that place.

■Recommended tackle spec

Rod Casting rod (ML ~ MH power)
Reel Shimano : 5000 ~ 8000 size, DAIWA 3500 ~ 4500 size
Line PE #2 ~#3 + Leader Nylon 50 ~ 80lb

Lure rotations that Maria suggesting

Morning prime time, high activity situation
Appeal wide range by top water pluggs.
After prime time
For high activity fish that sink to the bottoms.
Day time, for low activity fish
The new method "SASOI-AGE" will attract.

Lure action images

  • ①Let RERISE sink to the bottoms. (Sinking speed : 1.5 m / sec.)
    ②Make short jerking with slack line.
    ③Making a long jerk will generate a S-shaped swimming action.
    ④Let RERISE sink to the depth which we want to track. (About 5 ~ 10 m)
    ⑤Free falling
    ⑥Continue from ②~⑤




Spec 130mm - 55g (Sinking speed : Approx. 1.5 sec / m)
Hook Owner ST-56 #1/0
Ring Maria Fighters Ring DAEN #6