Maria DUPLEX 80mm

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■ Color
・ Compatible with yellowtail (Spanish mackerel)! Intense flushing color with high brightness holo.
■ Blow away!
-With a high specific gravity body, it can capture a wide range that cannot be covered by a normal plug.
-Specifications (18g / 31g) that are easy to throw even with egging and sea bass tackles.
■ Action / submersion range
-A fast retrieve that is hard to be cut off, and a strong wave wobble roll action with good sharpness.
・ 65mm = 50-200cm or more, 80mm = 60-200cm or more.
Made in Japan


Duplex 65

size weight hook ring
65mm 18g # 6 # 3
  • Thinking ○ Dive depth: 50-200 cm or more

Duplex 80

size weight hook ring
80mm 31g # 6 # 3

Japan Maria Lures are extremely good lures, BEAUTIFUL swimming action...