Shimano Grappler BB Type C ROD

Shimano Grappler BB Type C ROD

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To more anglers the real thrill of offshore casting. A full-fledged specification that has the potential to be used worldwide.

Type C, a casting model, has appeared in the high performance rod grappler BB developed exclusively for offshore games. Similar to the jigging model, the blanks, which adopt the reinforced structure high power X, suppress unpleasant blurring and dullness when a load is applied, and also improve high responsiveness and power. It corresponds firmly to the full power cast and power fight with big game. It has a performance that can be used with confidence not only by intermediate anglers but also by anglers who are looking for a step up from shore casting to offshore.
The lineup is all spinning type, and there are 6 items in total, including the near sea technical models S70L, S73ML, S710ML, and S80M, and the power models S82MH and S82H for large blue-runners and tuna. It is possible to choose according to the target, from inshore games that use a lot of lightweight lures, to expeditions and big games.


High power X

A reinforced structure that further suppresses twisting that occurs during casting and fighting. The feature is that the carbon tape is tightened in an X shape from the outermost layer of the spiral X or the carbon sheet vertical and horizontal crossing structure. As a result, the bending of the rod maintains the direction intended by the angler, and the original performance of the blanks is fully demonstrated.

Anti-loosening lock nut

The reel is fixed with a double lock.

The screw that fixes the reel is additionally equipped with a locking nut to prevent loosening, improving the fixing force of the reel.

Stainless frame K guide

*S70L, S73ML, S710ML

ocean guide

A must-have item for big fights.

Uses a double foot and ocean guide with excellent strength for M power or higher where a large load is applied. Suitable for harsh scenes such as power fights with big plugs and large fish.

*S80M, S82MH, S82H


Rubber butt end specification

*S82MH, S82H