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 A new squid-shaped metal jig ``Glow Emperor''

The body shape reproduces the "small squid" that many fish eaters use as their main bait! The design is so realistic that even when placed side by side, you can mistake them for each other. So why is it squid-shaped? The main reason for choosing this shape was because when fishing on a boat, people often saw small squid being spit out of the mouths of the fish they caught. 

All colors, are with UV coating on the back instep, glow on the Emperor's part.

  • #01 Magma Silver

    #01 Magma Silver

    Standard and must-have silver x magma hologram, with life-like flashing.
    This is a must-have item for fields where greens are mixed.

    JAN code: 4582546450267
  • #02 Rasta orange

    #02 Rasta orange

    A bold mix of the relatively popular colors of green and orange and a glow pattern.
    If you want to have fun with Rasta, this is it!

    JAN code: 4582546450274
  • #03 Firefly squid

    #03 Firefly squid

    It realistically reproduces firefly squid and has a natural presence with uneven glow glitter, and is highly effective for targeting squid as the main bait.

    JAN code: 4582546450281
  • #04 Red gold

    #04 Red gold

    This is recommended for red sea bream and rockfish, and is recommended for high water temperatures in summer and autumn, in shallow fields, and during the day when the sun is high.

    JAN code: 4582546450298
  • #05 Green gold

    #05 Green gold

    Commonly known as Midkin, it is the most popular color in SLJ. Recommended for low water temperature periods from winter to spring, deep field rainy days, and low light on cloudy days.

    JAN code: 4582546450304
  • #06 Aori Purple

    #06 Aori Purple

    Suspicious and noticeable purple x aori pattern glow, highly effective when the sea is dark, muddy tides, and cutlassfish.

    JAN code: 4582546450311


  • #01 Magma Silver

    #01 Magma Silver

  • #02 Jigging Soul Blue Glow

    #02 Jigging Soul Blue Glow

  • #03 Rasta orange

    #03 Rasta orange

  • #04 Red gold

    #04 Red gold

  • #05 Purple Magic

    #05 Purple Magic

  • #06 Speed ​​Silver

    #06 Speed ​​Silver