Duel Super X Wire™4

Duel Super X Wire™4

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The common sense of PE line will change!!
Emphasis on durability from casting to jigging!!



The new technology "HIP manufacturing method (heat integration process)" has succeeded in increasing the degree of adhesion between raw yarns!!

We have made it possible to improve firmness, stiffness, abrasion resistance, and reduce discoloration, which was not possible with conventional PE lines.


  • HIP manufacturing method (heat integration process)

    The yarn is IZANAS®, an ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber from the world-famous brand Toyobo. It is densely knitted using micro-pitch braided processing, and a special heat treatment is applied to make each yarn adhere to each other.
    This improves roundness, creates firmness and stiffness that could not be achieved with conventional PE, and also significantly improves wear resistance, which was a weak point.

  • Significantly increased wear resistance

    As a result of repeatedly rubbing against a square file (#800) at a constant speed with a load of 45g of lead and measuring the number of times until the No. 1 line breaks, the number was approximately twice that of conventional PE.
    This dramatically reduces not only the sinking roots and rubbing against the guides, but also the fuzzing of the fingers and the discoloration caused by repeated use.

  • Improved roundness

    Since each yarn is in close contact with each other, the resistance during casting is reduced and the casting distance is increased!
    Furthermore, the yarn noise caused by friction with the guide is suppressed.

  • Moderate firmness and firmness

    Due to its firmness, troubles during casting are drastically reduced. When used for jigging, the water glide is good and the jig can be dropped smoothly without interfering with the sinking of the jig, making it possible to minimize the jerking resistance caused by line dandruff.

  • Sensitivity UP!! & Operability greatly improved!!

    When applying a load of 1kg over 100m , the elongation of the conventional PE is 86.3 cm, while the Super Withdraw %.