Duel Easy Bait Metal™

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An all-rounder that can handle any situation in the Ikametal game!

Ideal for when it's hard to get to the bottom, such as when aiming for deep water, when the tide is fast, or when it's hard to get to the bottom due to two tides and three tides.

  • An easy-to-handle item with high total performance that enables high-dimensional fall, invitation, and stop actions.
  • The almighty round shape has good water sharpness
  • direct eye

    "Direct Eye" that directly conveys actions

  • flash eye

    "Flash eye" for flushing appeal

  • round body

    Easy-to-use simple
    "round body"

  • Real Head®

    "Real Head ®" that also appeals to the sense of sight of squid

  • 14 hooks x 2 step hooks

    It will surely hang the thin legs of Tsutsuika!!

  • blue noctilucent

    Excellent fish-collecting power!! Blue luminous, newly adopted.
    (Emission peak wavelength: 488nm)
    *RBLB / RBLP / BLRM / RBLM only

  • spot grow line

    Adopted "spot glow line" that appeals its presence .
    *KVRA/SRIW only

  • Mechanism example