Daiwa TRUNK MASTER HD II S4800 Cooler

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The Trunk Master HD series is a big hit. Equipped with nice functions in a safe large capacity body.

・Long body allows you to easily store large green items (4800: internal size 75cm)
・Large silent roller wheel make it easy to carry
・Sturdy muscle body that allows you to sit
・Lift-up open system for convenient opening and closing
・Double-opening top lid that is easy to remove
・Top lid can be removed when transporting Side lock that can be securely fixed
・One-touch faucet that opens and closes without getting your hands dirty

■ Specification details
- Capacity (L): 48
- Weight (Kg): 8.6
- Internal dimensions (cm): 27x75x23
- External dimensions (cm): 39.5x91.5x33
・Insulation specifications: Styrofoam
・Cold retention power: KEEP80