Daiwa Tatula XT Rod

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TATULA XT have HVF carbon blank.

    • Daiwa’s exclusive HVF carbon blank technology delivers incredible sensitivity, as well as, optimum actions for a variety of techniques.

      HVF carbon blank.

  • HVF carbon blank.

TATULA XT have X45 carbon fiber bias construction.

TATULA XT have X45 carbon fiber bias construction.

DAIWA concluded that "45 degrees" is the optimal angle of fiber to reduce twisting.
It is the optimal construction that drastically improves power, operability, and sensitivity by wrapping our proven conventional construction blank with a uniquely biased carbon fiber sheet to prevent unnecessary twists.

TATULA XT have BRAIDING X construction.

    • TATULA XT have BRAIDING X construction.


"BRAIDING-X" reinforced construction tightens the outermost layer with carbon tape in X shape.
It prevents torsion caused by actions such as casting and hooking and dramatically improves power, operability, and sensitivity.

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