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Equipped with a high-rigidity IC counter Small reel for ships No. 3-200m size high-performance model that can be used for all light games
■ Super metal frame
■ LED backlight installed IC counter (PE0.6 can be input)
■ Timer display installed
■ 65mm long handle arm
■ L size EVA knob (S size replaceable)
■ Self-battery replaceable
Product features

■ Super metal frame Because it is a super metal frame, the powerful winding is possible even if a load is applied. Since it is more rigid than the conventional resin frame, you can experience overwhelming power when a load is applied.


■ PE3-200m and extra line capacity
PE3-200m and an abundant amount of winding yarn, such as hairtail, grunt, horse mackerel, red sea bream, etc. This one unit can handle a wide range of targets.


■ IC
LED backlight with LED backlight and timer display function makes it easy to see the water depth even in the dark. It also has a timer function that realistically displays the input time of the device.
The LED backlight can be selected from the constant lighting mode and the 5-second lighting mode.


■ ATD [Automatic Drag System]

new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursued start-up and followability. For large spinning such as Saltiga, it is a setting that suppresses the decrease in drag force during the fighting. Both were developed with the goal of being able to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings.

Product name

Winding length Gear ratio Own weight Maximum drag force IC backlight Handle type / length Knob Standard winding amount: PE (No.-m) Spool diameter Bearing
(cm / handle 1 rotation) (g) (kg) (mm) (ball / roller)
SPARTAN IC 200H 70 6.3 230 5 Yes Single / 65mm EVA L (S size compatible) No. 2-320m 36 4 / 1
No. 3-200m
Other specifications / functions
Functions / specifications Features
Super spool free It is a super spool-free specification that is smooth and has a quick drop.
IC counter function -The input method is the same as before: (1) Thread length input (2) Lower winding input (3) Withdrawal input. Fine thread No. 0.6 can also be entered.
-The LED backlight can be set to three types: (1) it lights for 3 seconds when the switch is pressed, (2) it is always on, and (3) it is always off.
-With a timer display function that shows the input time realistically.
65mm long power handle with large L size EVA knob as standard equipment A new design handle with a length of 65 mm that matches the new body. Since it is an L size EVA knob that is effective under heavy load such as when a large fish is hung, you can experience a very powerful winding due to the synergistic effect with the super metal frame.
Battery replaceable

You can now replace the battery yourself. Also, even if you remove the battery, you do not need to re-enter the thread.
The battery is CR2032.

Thread stop function With thread stopper function