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Light jig focused on eating sand lance in the harbor

S.S Jig aimed to capture the sand lance-eating target aimed at in the light style. Especially in the early spring Shinko pattern, the number of noisy targets increases in the lure silhouette. When aiming at these with a jig, it is important to be able to handle them with slow retrieve at the same time and not to over-appeal. S.S Jig has a body shape that demonstrates swim action even when retrieving, but the angler can adjust the amount of synthetic fur attached to the hook to control the magnitude of that action.

Introducing a new sensation jig that captures red sea bream, rockfish, sea bass and many other targets by fusing with the flight distance unique to solid metal while taking advantage of the low specific density brought about by "Z light metal". These are also effective against anchovies-eating targets.

Synthetic fur

The special fiber hair wrapped around a single hook is soft and shimmers even with a slight stream of water, expressing a sense of life. Since it is set longer, please cut it to your liking.


Z light metal

By adopting a new material Z light metal with a small specific density, the small lightweight jig is further emphasized. Even for targets with low activity, it is possible to appeal while maintaining the range, and actively use the mouth.


SSJ-3 42mm 3g
SSJ-5 52mm 5g
SSJ-7 60mm 7g