Zman SLIM SWIMZ 2.5"/3.0"

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This downsized ElaZtech® swimbait delivers the incredible softness, swimming action, and 10X Tough durability of its larger brethren in a smaller package. Featuring Z-Man's exclusive curved paddle tail, its small size is ideal for crappie and white bass, but really shines when largemouth and smallmouth are keyed in on smaller forage. The Slim SwimZ is also an ideal saltwater bait when seatrout and redfish are feeding on small glass minnows and fry.

Slim body and unique curved paddle tail delivers irresistible wiggling swimming action
Ideal for panfish, but super effective when larger fresh- and saltwater game fish are keyed in on small forage.

2.5" - 8 baits per pack
3.0" - 6 baits per pack

Made in the USA