Duel Pink Fluorocarbon FISH CANNOT SEE

Duel Pink Fluorocarbon FISH CANNOT SEE

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Made of 100% high molecular weight fluorocarbon,
it is easy for people to see and invisible to fish, increasing your fishing results for all types of fish!!
Especially effective for threaded fish and big fish!!


Pink fluoro, which was born based on scientific evidence and extensive actual fishing tests, uses a
special formulation of ``Color Filter Effect Patent P.''
to cut the wavelengths that fish detect, making it ``invisible to fish . ''

  • Adopts "stealth pink" that is easy to see for people and difficult for fish to see. Patent P. Covers
    a wider range of hues that are invisible to fish than the general pink line.
  • Adopts high molecular weight fluorocarbon raw material, flexible and tenacious
  • Adopts a large spool that does not easily curl



  • Unique color filter effect



    Fish see the mixture of light that passes through the fishing line and light that is reflected, and perceive it as color and brightness.

    Also, considering that fish recognize the line as a silhouette, it is important to have a performance that combines color filter effect and transparency.

    "Fish-invisible pink fluoro" is a line equipped with a unique color filter function that not only cuts (absorbs) a wide range of wavelengths that are sensitive to fish, but also has transparency.


  • ``Pink fluorocarbon that can't be seen by fish'' That's
    why it's invisible


    "Fish-invisible pink fluoro" cuts out a wider range of wavelengths that fish can detect, making it easier to see as a pink color to the human eye, compared to regular pink lines. The effect has created a line that doesn't look like a fish.

    Therefore, it is not only extremely effective against threaded fish and big fish, but also improves fishing results for all types of fish!!


    stealth pink