Yozuri AURIE-Q FINACE 2.5 / 3.0

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Add " stability fins" to AURIE-Q Ace !!

Inherited the "AURIE-Q® Ace" that was released in 2009 and loved by many Eggingers.
In 2019, resurrected here under the name of Ace.

The "stabilizing fins" control the up, down, left, and right movements that squid hates, and let you hold them without hesitation!


  • A1753 / Size 2.5 / 10gm / About 5.2 sec/m
  • A1754 / Size 3.0 / 15gm / About 3.7 sec/m
  • stabilizing fins


    The two "stabilizing fins" control the "up, down, left, and right shake" that squid hates, so you can hold it without hesitation!

    Role of the vertical tail

    Acts as a bite marker while "controlling rolling"

    Role of horizontal stabilizer

    "Control vertical blurring" of the tail part


  • Newly adopted “color bird hair” that allows you to see the body color at a glance

     luminous body
     blue noctilucent body
     keimura body

  • KATANA sinker 2

    The sharp form reminiscent of a Japanese sword creates a sharp dart.

  • trick hook

    Drastically reduced rooting. High recovery rate because the needle stretches moderately.


    Even in situations where UV rays are difficult to reach, such as cloudy weather or turbidity, the body's color emission characteristics demonstrate its appeal.
    *NLM/NRDR only

  • YO-ZURI Egi
    body color selection


  • YO-ZURI egi
    positioning map


  • YO-ZURI Egi
    performance/specification comparison table