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1. Soft body
A soft body that is hard to let go of once you hold it!
The longest hugging time was recorded to be over 1 minute.
As shown in the photo on the right, the holding time is long, so you can easily hang multiple points without causing any discomfort in the zero tension state.
The longest hugging time was recorded as 1 minute.

2. Specifications
Two sizes available to accommodate deep and shallow waters, squid size, and activity. Choose
3.8 for shallow water, reluctance to ride, and small size, and
5cm for deep water, high activity, and good type.

3. Pine Needle
The number of needles and wire diameter are designed to ensure good penetration and resistance to breakage.
Uses domestically produced pine needles.
Both 3.8cm and 5cm have 6 pieces of φ0.5 for excellent penetration!

4. Body color
When the cloth gets wet, the body color is transparent and appealing.
Available in 3 body colors to suit any situation.

5. Red Eye
Red eye has an excellent fish attracting effect and appeals to squid.