Vanfook Takumi Premium Treble Hook CT-88

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A treble hook for large fish that uses high hardness EX heavy wire.
Curve point design that enables smooth hooking.
The Futokoro form designed independently for each size achieves excellent hold-ability.
Since the eye is tapered into a thin shape, it is possible to install the split ring more smoothly.
Surface plating is rust-proof and extra hard silver plating resistant to discoloration.

Size 1/0 (4.5g) - 6 PCS
Size 2/0 (5.7g) - 5 PCS
Size 3/0 (7.2g) - 4 PCS
Size 4/0 (9.6g) - 4 PCS
Size 5/0 (12.1g) - 4 PCS
Size 6/0 (14.5g) - 4 PCS