Vanfook Spear Hook SH-20

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Just "pierce!" Jigging hook. [Sharpness hook point] Achieves outstanding hooking by combining sharpness and hardness. [Medium barb] A barb size that pursues excellent penetration performance and resistance to burr. [Futokoro Form] A shape that captures the load of fish over a wide range and is hard to cut off. The clear tin coating that is resistant to rust and discoloration. Ultra-lightweight medium-fine wire.

#2/0 (10pcs/pkt)

#3/0 (8pcs/pkt)

#4/0 (7pcs/pkt)

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SH-20 (VP) Silver #2/0 28
SH-20 (VP) Silver #3/0 22
SH-20 (VP) Silver #4/0 20
SH-20 (VP) Silver #5/0 14