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Versatile shore jig rod, mainly in the bay area. Shore jigging model with stickiness and torque that can be caught by lightly casting bluefish, Spanish mackerel, hairtail, flatfish, hard rockfish, etc. with a lineup targeting pelagic species in the suburbs.


Guide concept

Uses the K guide of Fuji Sic-S ring to improve durability, castability, and trouble-free operation. Cost performance is also attractive.

Blank concept

"Helical X carbon" is used for the blank base carbon. The lightweight and torque blanks can be used for unexpected big things in the bay area.

Grip concept

A cast that repeats hundreds of times. A grip that can be firmly gripped even by unexpected big players. A grip designed exclusively for shore jigs that meets these requirements and uses a W nut system

CT-902ML <LSJ technical model>
A model designed to enjoy light shore jigging.
A technical design that combines torque while emphasizing maneuverability. Technically operate a jig of about 30g with a short length,
targeting mackerel, bonito, hairtail, shio, tubas, flounder, flathead, etc. Appropriate tension from tip to berry and
torque at the butt part is effective for a wide range of targets.
CT-932M <LSJ Versatile Model>
An M model that has moderate power and is perfect for migratory fish in the bay area. The blanks that do not make you feel rugged
are designed so that you can take the initiative firmly while having a light cast feel. It is
possible to target various medium-sized fish in the bay area. The regular first action that can be used with weighted minnows and minnows in addition to jigs.
Helical X carbon torque does not miss the target.
CT-962MH <Shorejigi Standard Model> A
torquey model that focuses on greenery from the shore. The model is designed with an emphasis on maneuverability and operability, but
has the same specifications as 10ft in terms of flight distance, and has the
tenacity and torque that does not give the initiative to the targeted target. Action design with plug MAX60g and jig MAX80g.
I would like you to aim at the big migratory fish in the Bay Area.