Pro-Trust Versatile Stick (Telescopic Rod)

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A lure rod that can be stored compactly with excellent portability and convenience. If you put it in a bag, you can fish immediately when you come up with it.

It handles medium to large hard baits such as crankbaits, vibrations, spinnerbaits. 

Model VSS-64 (Spinning Model)

Length 1.95m when in use

5 sections

Keep length 49.5cm

self-weight 115gm

Tip 1.6mm / butt 11.6mm

Recommended lure weight (3gm to 14gm)

Recommended Line rating (4lb to 10lb)

Model VSC-64 (Basitcasting Model)

Length 1.95m when in use

5 sections

Keep length 48cm

self-weight 125gm

Tip 1.6mm / butt 11.6mm

Recommended lure weight (5gm to 18gm)

Recommended Line rating (8lb to 14lb)

Model VSE-80 (Spinning Model)

Length 2.40m when in use

6 sections

Keep length 51.5cm

self-weight 138gm

Tip 1.7mm / butt 14.4mm

Recommended lure weight (7gm to 28gm)


Recommended Line rating (8lb to 16lb)

Recommended EGI (size 2.0 to 3.5)