Nikko Tadpole 2.9"

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Length: 2.9″. Five tadpoles per pack

Largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, and sunfish all love this bait…and even trout, too.
A fantastic drop shot bait. This bait won Best of Show in the 2015 Richmond Fishing Expo held near Richmond, Virginia. Bass in the Hawg Trough would not leave it alone.
Also great on jig heads, TX rigged (a Gamakatsu #1 G-Lock hook works well), or simply hooked through the lip with a split shot added for weight, and you’re good to go! Fish don’t seem to mind how this bait is rigged. They just like it.

Note: New tadpoles have a powder coating to make handling easier. The powder will come off in use and the color will become more vivid.