Meiho Tray BM

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A convenient tray to keep small items frequently used during fishing.
  • Tray BM-S Size : 175 x 105 x 40 mm
  • Tray BM-L Size : 245 x 147 x 45 mm
  • Material Body: Polycarbonate resin / Attachment: POM resin

Tray BM-L can be used as an inner tray for BM-5000 and VS-7080.

Tray BM-S can be stored in the middle plate of BM-5000 and the upper stage of VS-7070 / VS-7055, VW-2070 / VW-2055.

Can be mounted on BM-9000 / BM-7000 / BM-5000 / VS-7080 / VS-7070 / VS-7055 / VW-2070 / VW-2055 / Multi holder BM-30 / BM-25

*Other accessories shown in photos are for illustration. Those are not included.