Meiho Multiboard BM-S

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It can be attached to multi-purpose holders such as Bucket Mouth series and Langan system BOX series, as well as multi-holders. The board surface has magnets and foam on both sides, so you can freely rearrange it according to your purpose. Hooks such as jig heads and assist hooks for light games can be attached to the magnets, and plugs for light games, jigs for SLJ, and hooks for squid metal can be attached to the foam side, making it easy to change gimmicks. Since it can be placed, rotation can be performed smoothly, and gimmicks do not get entangled with each other, supporting stress-free fishing.

<Can be attached to BM-9000, BM-7000, BM-5000, VS-7080, VS-7080N, VS-7070, VS-7070N, VS-7055, VS-7055N, multi-holder BM-25, BM-30>

Body: Polycarbonate
Board: Magnet sheet, Polyethylene foam
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