Gamakatsu LE300 SHOULDER BAG

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● For left shoulder.

●Front pocket convenient for frequently used lures and lint.

Equipped with a bottom strap belt that can fix a pack rod case etc. to the bottom of the bag.

●Inside the main pocket is a pocket with a simple waterproof zipper.

●With webbing that can be attached to pliers holders, etc. in 3 places on the front and sides.

main pocket

front pocket

<Storage example>

With a pocket for a plastic bottle on the side.

<Example of use>

With webbing on the side to which a pliers holder can be attached.

(Photo shows LE901 L size.)

<Example of use>

When the main pocket is opened, the cover becomes a workbench, and when the rod holder is used, both hands are free.

<Wearing image>

For left shoulder.