Duel HARDCORE® CRANK 3+ 70mm/4+ 75mm [R1376/R1377]

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Big Lake purveyor!
Adopting "Magnetic Tungsten", even crazier!
High-performance system crankbait!

New magnet center of gravity movement system International Patent adopted
Triple mirror body adopted
New friction lip patent adopted (3 + / 4 + only)
Uses a round lip with good weed removal. Model to capture the 2m range
The intense water push of the wobbling roll action draws a deep range bass and
brings it to the bite
Deep diving crankbait to capture the 3m range
Can be used for all-round with a big lake, reservoir, river, large-scale field pond!
4m over deep-diving crankbait
Mast lure for deep cranking of big lake

Magnetic Tungsten x New Magnet Center of Gravity Movement System

International Patent

Equipped with magnetized tungsten ball Patent
Duel original that combines the advantages of a fixed center of gravity that provides high action response and stable swimming performance with the movement of the center of gravity that promises overwhelming flight distance and cast accuracy with a magnetic force of 20% UP. Center of gravity movement mechanism.

Triple mirror body

It stimulates the predatory instinct of black bass with a variety of appeals due to its three different mirror structures.


New friction lip


Uses "New Friction Lip" that completely separates the lip plate and body via stays.
This lip that grabs a slight resistance and escapes excess water flow realizes both "rapid dive performance" and "amazing underwater mobility". Sliding dirt and kickback can be produced at will.
* 3 + / 4 + only