Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z Set Upper 97S-DR

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Long lip model with action at a nearly horizontal posture.
Covering a wide range of water depth from about 80cm to about 150cm by controlling the rod movement and retrieving speed.

By adopting "silent weight oscillating system" + "HGS (hold · gravity system)", it achieves long casting distance.

Slow retrieve creates a wobble rolling action. When you increase retrieving speed, it gradually changes to wide wave rolling action.

☆ Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z Set Upper 97S-DR
Size : 97mm
Weight : 18g
Submerge range : Up to 1.5m
Action : High Pitch Wobbling Roll
Casting Distance : Maximum 64m / Average 62.6m
Treble Hook : ST-46 #6 × 2pc
Split Ring : #3