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Just hook it up and pull the belt! 

Wide belt type load tightening belt.

You can fasten the load by simply hooking it up and pulling the belt, so it can be installed quickly.

Just pull the belt to tighten.

The side of the belt that is not tightened is made of rubber, which prevents the tightened baggage from slipping off and provides excellent stability.

The baggage is supported by the belt width of 50mm, so it can be securely fixed.

The total length including the hook is approximately 1.2m, making it ideal for carry carts.

rubber elastic

By making a part of the belt rubber, the baggage will not slip off easily and will be firmly fixed.

double rubber

The rubber part is double layered and has a stretchy feel that does not stretch too much.

Total length 1.2m

The total length including the hook is approximately 1.2m. The perfect length for carry carts and smelt sleds.

hook type

Can be attached to the carrier simply by hooking it.

Carry usage example

For tightening carry carts

Example of sled usage

Can also be used as a sled for smelt on ice

Available in black.