Vanfook Swifter Twin Assist STA-15

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Special Twin Assist for SLJ – Super Light Jigging

Special twin Assist for SLJ – Super Light Jigging that targeting variety of species such as Rockfish, Grunt, Small Bluefish, Snapper, Flounder, Seabass, etc.

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[Hook] Swifter (SW-04)
Super sharp hooking point with long tapered that enables to catch the fish once upon the touch even to the tiny bites when the jig falling. Also, this can hold the target accurately after fish on the hook by this wide gaped bend form. You will not feel thinness of wire but you can feel the strength.
[Cord] Jigging Assist Line Fluoro Core (J-FC): 50Lb.
Giving moderate tension on the cord by using the cord with braided thin fluorocarbon core is inside. It prevents any troubles at the terminals from entangling with leader line or hooking into the rings.
[Ring] Welded ring: Size #3
Selected the best size to match with small split rings.