Magbite MAGTANK tackle box

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Excellent waterproof performance protects against submersion in the unlikely event of falling into the water, and high buoyancy prevents items from being lost due to submersion. (*The capacity limit varies depending on the size.)

The slit urethane foam and free compartment system make it comfortable to store jig heads, worms, and small items.
It demonstrates its ease of use for general lure games, especially salt light games.

Color: White
Size: S; M


The second in the Magtank series.
ARMY has evolved further by increasing the size while maintaining the waterproof performance of the magtank.
Designed with a vertical space so that you can easily store your favorite army lures (worms). The 4 spaces on the left and right can be stored up to 3.2 inches, and the 2 spaces in the center can be stored straight up to 2.8 inches. How you use it is up to you.

Color: Red
Size: XL


The third in the Magtank series.

A case without partitions, which was requested by many anglers. It comes with a clear body that allows you to check the contents. The high waterproof performance common to the Magtank series supports wading, fishing in the rain, and sudden falls in the water.

Color: Clear
Size: L; XL