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"Wind fishing method"
SLASH, which is now synonymous with hairtail fishing, develops wind ROD from the initial stage and brushes up to a further stage.
Designed so that more anglers can enjoy the wind fishing method by utilizing the know-how so far.
The three beats of the high-resilience berry and the robust bat, which are the heart of the wind action and the tip with a good bite, will bring an advantage to the angler.
I want you to enjoy the foregrip shape for wind action and the sharp dirt action design.

TIP concept

Two types with different TIP actions are adopted, and the SB model is a short bite model. Designed for action that hangs atari like a peck.
The M model is a wind-all-rounder
action designed to dart lures up to 1oz and reliably catch the bite of a fish eater.
TOP guide is Sic guide specification.

Blank concept

Brush up the berries, which are the heart of wind action.
Adjusted the repulsive force of the blank to make it easier to perform wind action by turning on the predation switch on the "biting" hairtail and the "sucking" sea bass. Adopting helical X carbon, butt power is also attractive.

Grip concept

The seat shape makes it easy to perform wind action, and the design makes it easy to hold the foregrip for easy wind action.
The length of the grip end is designed so that it does not get in the way during wind action.

Product name Characteristic

<Short bite model>

Short bite action that demonstrates its power when targeting or short bite that is flirting with wind action.
The bat is a powerful and torque helical X carbon, and the tip is a special design that bends flexibly.
Designed to hang a short bite at the time of wind action and a sweet bite of bitterness with a supple tip


<All-rounder model>

The torquey bat part with a highly repulsive berry design that can be used for all wind fishing methods in various areas and produces a light wind action is a standard model for wind fishing methods.
An all-rounder model that targets not only hairtails but also sea bass and sagoshi.