Shimano Ocea EJ

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This SHIMANO OCEA EJ is the offshore jigging rod only for electric jigging.

Electric reel is shaped like overhead reel but heavier than normal jigging reels. So if you use normal jigging rods with electric reel your tackles can be a bit unbalanced.

But if you use normal bait fishing rod for electric reel – you will see the different feeling. Offshore bait fishing rods has very narrow and sensitive tips so that you can even catch delicate bites. And this can be too soft against jigging.

So this new offshore rod has tough and strong blanks with Spiral X Core Hi-Power X, and Nanopitch technology.

These are high reliability technology for fishing rods that lots of anglers are satisfied.

As offshore jigging is such a tough game, guide setting of this fishing rod is also specialized as well.

This spiral guide setting is that, the butt guide is placed above the rod but it twisted and goes to bottom side towers tip end.

This spiral guide setting ease rod’s stress from hard work jigging.

Ocea EJ B63-3
Length : 1.91m
Section : 2
Close length : 1.3m
Weight : 164gm
Jig Weight : Max 230gm
Line Rating : Max PE3
Carbon content : 80%

Ocea EJ B63-5
Length : 1.91m
Section : 2
Close length : 1.3m
Weight : 181gm
Jig Weight : Max 400gm
Line Rating : Max PE5
Carbon content : 80%