Palms Sea Rapture CCCⅢ Offshore Casting Models

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Extensive lineup for offshore big games. Newly designed blanks with nanocarbon.

By adopting whole body Nano Alloy® material that enhances reliability in all models and creating overwhelming stickiness, it is also highly reliable in games against large fish. Furthermore, the bat was tightened with X carbonology. The accent is decorated with diamond wrapping to insist on its potential.


Its operability does not choose the fishing seat. The
advantage of the short length of 1 6ft.6 inc. For technical games is not only to enable light casting and retrieval, but also to make the tip water surface even in the center of a low draft boarding boat or underhand casting on a pleasure boat. Allows you to cast without hitting. This rod, which can develop games in a high tempo and rhythmic manner, should make offshore casting games more enjoyable.
6ft.6inc. Unequal length 2pc. Power: ML 15-60g Lures PE1.5-3 Rod Wt.190g


One for manipulating light weight lures
offshore In offshore casting games, this one is aimed at casting relatively light lures farther and more accurately. Regardless of the type of fish, you can drive a lure from a longer distance before sinking a fast-sinking nabla and bring it to a bite. After the hit, the tough butt power that does not seem to be in the ML class does not give the target an advantage.7ft.6inc. Unequal length 2pc. Power: ML 15-60g Lures PE1.5-3 Rod Wt.220g    


Standard model for offshore casting
This rod is also suitable as an introductory rod that has a wide range of cast performance and the power to twist the target in the diversified offshore casting games such as dolphin fish, Spanish mackerel, and bonito. It's versatile, but its specs are by no means mediocre.7ft.6inc. Unequal length 2pc. Power: M 20-80g Lures PE 2.0-4.0 Rod Wt.225g


Compatible with large dolphin fish and yellowtail top games, including inshore tuna
This model, which can cast up to 100g, has a delicate tip section that makes the diving pencil dive glossy, but can also confront the fight with Aomono and Tuna, which can be said to be violent. It is one that has power. In addition, the rod length of 7ft.8 inc. Is a model that enables underhand casting of large plugs.7ft.8inc. Unequal length 2pc. Power: MH 30-100g Lures PE3.0-5.0 Rod Wt.324g

STGS-81H <Tuna class>

The load applied when casting a large plug, which is the central axis of anti-yellowfin and amberjack, allows the rod to be smoothly vented from the tip to the bat, and the power is accumulated. Then the restoring force of the bent rod will support the angler who floats the target.8ft.1inc. Unequal length 2pc. Power: H Max120g Lures Max PE6.0 Rod Wt.340g

STGS-83H + <Tuna class>

The strongest power model in the series.
It is a model that has the castability of not only flying one heavy weight plug for tuna games far away but also pinpointing it to the target nabla. This model, which is the strongest in the series, is equipped with BRC at the rod end, and it is a model that realizes exactly power VS power that is particular about catching large fish in every detail.8ft.3inc. Unequal length 2pc. Power: H plus Max150g Lures Max PE8.0 Rod Wt.342g