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Extensive lineup for offshore big games. Newly designed blanks with nanocarbon.

By adopting whole body Nano Alloy® material that enhances reliability in all models and creating overwhelming stickiness, it is also highly reliable in games against large fish. Furthermore, the bat was tightened with X carbonology. The accent is decorated with diamond wrapping to insist on its potential.


This model, whose delicacy can be manipulated from a relatively light 60g jig in offshore jigging that captures high pressure fields , is suitable not only for light jigging but also for approaching relatively large targets that are eclipsed by small baits. Of course, after a hit, the butt power that seems to spring up that does not seem to be in the ML class will bring an advantage to anglers.6ft.2inc. Offset Handle Power: ML 60-150g Lures PE 1.0-3.0 Rod Wt.200g

STJS-62M +

Manipulate 200g. Attack the depths.
M + power model that can slide jigs up to 200g each without stress to capture the tide . A blank with nanomaterials will sublimate into "fun" when fighting with large targets with the water depth up to around 100m as an active field. In addition, the high operability created by the short length of 6ft.2 inc. enables more technical rod operation and supports the production of various jig actions.6ft.2inc. Offset Handle Power: M plus 80-200g Lures PE1.5-4.0 Rod Wt.222g


With the synergistic effect of the delicacy of the ML class that attacks the inshore sea with direct handling and the technical skill of the bait model, this model can produce a variety of actions. Will be. Why don't you get the advantage unique to bait tackle?
5ft.11inc. Offset Handle Power: ML 60-150g Lures PE 1.0-3.0 Rod Wt.198g

STJC-511M +

MAX200g bait model that captures the tide
This model, which is a fusion of blank material, taper, and rod length at a high level, not only manipulates the MAX200g jig at will, but also understands that the movement of the jig in water can be picked up. You can bring it to. After the part-time job, the butt section that follows the sudden behavior of Aomono will lead you to the target catch. It can be said that it is a model that has many opportunities to play an active part in inshore jigging.
5ft.11inc. Offset Handle Power: M plus 80-200g Lures PE1.5-4.0 Rod Wt.216g