Palms Sea Rapture 2016

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Extra reliability is the new concept
NEW Sea Rapture, the rod that is loved by many off shore anglers has had a makeover!

The casting model and the jigging model now has NANOALLOY material to its blank and also Butt end has gained X carbonology.

By using these new material we have created the rod that is super reliable and also enjoyable. The rod will let the angler control the lure/jig the way they like.

If you are the off shore jigging or casting fisherman then the new sea rapture is the rod you must have.

Model No. Length Piece Power Lure PE Rod Wt.
SRGS-76ML 7ft.6inc. Offset Handle ML 15-60g 1.5-3 244g
SRGS-76M 7ft.6inc. Offset Handle M 20-80g No. 2-4 248g
SRGS-78MH 7ft.8inc. Offset Handle MH 30-100g No. 3-5 325g
SRGS-83H 8ft.3inc. Offset Handle H MAX 120g MAX 6 348g
SRGS-83H + 8ft.3inc. Offset Handle H plus MAX 150g MAX 8 352g
SRJS-64ML 6ft.4inc. 1 ML 60-150g No. 1-3 196g
SRJS-64M 6ft.4inc. 1 M 80-180g 1.5-4 218g
SRJC-511ML 5ft.11inc. 1 ML 60-150g No. 1-3 196g
SRJC-511M 5ft.11inc. 1 M 80-180g 1.5-4 200g