Palms Metal Witch Quest A

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Light Jigging "Quest" Chapter 2 The Light Jigging series, a Metal Witch quest that has gained tenacity through the use of nano-alloy materials. While maintaining high reliability, α has portability. For anglers who are restricted by the means of transportation with a 1 piece rod, α realizes compact finished dimensions promises to further expand the game scene. Of course, that is because there is a blank design to eliminate the disadvantages of increasing the number of joints. The performance that allows you to immerse yourself in the game without feeling multi-piece is a testimony to Palms' commitment to blank design cultivated over many years. 

Although it is a jigging rod that has become a standard one-piece model, it may be inconvenient when loading it into a car with a length exceeding 6 feet or when carrying it.
The one-and-half pack length is kept within 140 cm of the longest model. Elimination of power loss at joints, and bend curves without stagnation are unique to the design theory of palms rods, which also develops multi-pieces. You can use it as a one-piece model.


Model No. Length Piece Power Lure PE Rod Wt.
MTTC-631SF 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 1 60-110g 0.8-1.5 132g
MTTC-632SF 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 2 100-150g 1.0-2.0 134g
MTTC-633SF 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 3 130-180g 1.2-2.5 137g
MTTC-634SF 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 4 150-200g 1.5-3.0 144g
MTTC-685SF 6ft.8inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 5 180-230g (Fall Max 400g) 1.5-3.5 164g
MTTC-632T 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 2 60-150g 0.6-1.5 131g
MTTC-633T 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 3 80-200g 0.8-2.0 141g
MTTC-682M 6ft.8inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 2 30-150g 0.6-1.5 182g
MTTS-633B 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 3 30-100g 0.8-2.0 116g
MTTS-634B 6ft.3inc. 2 (ONE and a HALF) 4 45-150g 0.8-2.5 123g