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Palms Jig - HEXER B

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Hexa blade tune is now available for a new jigging style

"Hexa B" wearing "Hexa Hersen" with blade tune and special color for all jigging games using blade jigs that are spreading all over the place. While maintaining the stable flight attitude and quick fall inherited from Hasen, the blade rotates just by winding, and the compact silhouette induces the target bite. By installing a single hook with a thick shaft, you can safely aim for a large size. By supporting high-speed winding, further appeal is possible by controlling the winding speed. The appeal of "Hexa B" is that it can be used for various targets regardless of fish species, shore or offshore.


HB-30 65mm 30g Hooks: Thick axis single # 1/0
HB-40 72mm 40g Hooks: Thick axis single # 2/0
HB-50 77mm 50g Hooks: Thick axis single # 2/0



Colorado blade with strong vibration

A well-balanced Colorado type blade setting with a thick single hook. The goodness of water biting enhances the rotation performance and makes the appeal due to the change of winding speed more reliable.

Weight balance slightly behind

A weight balance toward the rear that provides a stable fall with a long flight distance. The polyhedral body enhances the appeal of flushing, and the compatibility with the blade makes it a linear action while receiving water. This makes it possible to express the change in speed naturally at the same time.